Traveling or Vacationing? Come back with more memories than mementos

Many of us will head out for a time of adventure or relaxation this summer. Vacations are wonderful, full of memories and often a time when we buy or collect special items.

Keeping mementos/reminders:

You had a great time on your trip and you’d like to remember the different places you visited, the amazing restaurant where you ate and the amazing sights you saw. You gathered maps, brochures, ticket stubs, and maybe even some foreign currency while you were gone. But what should you keep? Sort through these items while they are still fresh in your mind and pick only the most important. Choose just one or two items to represent the whole trip. You don’t need an item to remember each event, just one to trigger the memory of the whole event. Perhaps the foreign currency can be stored inside of a pretty jar and displayed. You could start a collage of drink coasters or business cards from your favorite restaurants that you visited in various places. Tickets and postcards can be good reminders of special places and events as long as you create a special place to hold them like a scrapbook or a shadow box. Loose or extra items that aren’t given a specific home will get lost amid other belongings and end up becoming clutter instead of a nice reminder of your trip. Maps and brochures don’t need to be saved as they change often and new ones can be obtained on line or picked up when you visit again.

Purchasing Souvenirs/Collectibles:

There are so many beautiful and different things made around our country and the world, it is tempting to buy one of each and bring them home. You might think that if it fits in your suitcase, there’s no problem. That may be true for traveling, but when you get them home it is hard to find a place for each purchase, a space where it will get the attention it truly deserves. Before you make that special purchase, be sure you also think about where you can display it in your home. An easy way to display items is to group similar items like a collectible teaspoon from each city or a different basket or pottery from each country, or a certain style of antiques that can all be displayed together. To help preserve the wonderful memory put a note with the state/country of origin and date inside or on the bottom of each.

No matter where your travels or adventures take you this summer, be selective with the tokens you keep and the purchases you bring home. Memories can be represented by just one or two well displayed mementos.

© 2018 Beth Giles

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