What is “getting organized”?

Most of us are looking forward to a better 2021. Many people are setting “Get organized” as one of their resolutions or goals for the new year, without realizing that often it is more than just moving stuff.

Organizing is not just color sorting your socks or alphabetizing your spices. Organizing is about uncovering what is important to you. It is intentionally arranging things to give certain possessions priority and to make our lives more enjoyable and function better. It does not mean perfection. Our homes do not have to be picture perfect but should represent who we are and what we want from life. Often our full schedules and overflowing homes crowd out or hide the things that we value most. We can ignore this chaos for a while, but eventually the clutter takes over and we realize we need to do something to take back control of our space and time.

Over this next year, Organizing Tips will go through the different areas of our homes and lives and present helpful ways to get them organized. However before we can begin with these helpful tips and tricks, there is an important fact about organizing that is sometime overlooked.

Successful organizing involves not just physical but also behavioral and motivational change.

There are many articles and books about the physical change component with ideas like keeping keys in a bowl near the door, grouping all your reading material in a basket, or filing your important tax documents in a system. There are significantly fewer about the behavioral and motivational part of organizing. These aspects of organizational change should not be ignored.

We all have developed habits, both good and bad, in the way we live and use our things. Sometimes when we organize our homes or offices we design them to fit our existing habits, but sometimes we need to modify our behaviors to make life more organized. You may have selected a pretty basket to hold the magazines you want to read, but until you begin a new behavior of putting them into the basket, this great physical organizing tool will not work for you. Changing an old behavior or creating a new habit may take a little time, but it will go a long way towards living an organized life.

When we feel like a task is impossible or that a bad thing is just going to keep occurring, it depletes our drive and zaps our desire to do anything about it. This is where the motivational part of organizing comes in. Revisiting your vision for the space will help motivate you to stay on track and follow through on your organized living. Remember why it is you want to live with order in your life. Recall the benefits of being organized. These will be different for each person. They may include more time for your family, getting your car in the garage, the ability to find things when you need them, turning papers in on time, having space to do a special project, or even just peace of mind. Take time to create a list of these benefits and it will help keep your motivation high as you achieve your organizing goals for 2021.

You can do it! Watch for our upcoming Organizing Tips and make 2021 a happy and organized year.
© 2021 Beth Giles

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