What’s your resolution?

Getting organized is one of the top five New Year’s resolutions. Why? It is because organization can eliminate chaos and stress in our lives. It enables us to save money and helps us have more time to enjoy life. Getting organized is a great resolution…but how do you make it happen?

Every month in 2022 this newsletter will help by focusing on a different area of our homes or lives, giving suggestions for making that particular area function and feel better. To start the year, let’s examine some general organizing tips which you can use in any space.

Here’s an overview of the organizing process:

First, pick a space you would like to improve. Before you begin making plans or moving things around, take time to think about your vision and goals for this particular area. Ask yourself what activities the room will be used for, not what it is presently used for but what you desire in your new organized space. Will it be a comfortable space that everyone can hang out in, a space for working on your hobby or a quiet hide away?

With your clear objective in mind, follow these five steps:

Sort – Does it belong in this room?

Go through everything in the space and evaluate if it fits the new function of room. If it doesn’t match the room’s purpose, move it to another area where it can be used better.

Purge – Do you really use it? Do you really need it? Do you really love it?

If not, donate, sell, or recycle it. You will create more space for the things you love when you release the unnecessary items.

Assign – Where should each item be kept?

Give everything its own place to live. Assign specific areas to hold items for certain activities. Make sure frequently used items are kept close to the area where they will be used. Designate “homes” for items to help you find them easily as well as put them back.

Contain – How will you house your possessions?

Containers come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. They should be selected to fit you and your possessions. You’ll need to sort, purge, and assign locations before you can determine what things will need containers and how best to containerize them.

Establish – How do you continue to stay organized?

Set aside time each day to check and follow through on your organizing. It shouldn’t take long because everything will have a place to go

Working through these steps will help you achieve that New Year’s resolution and enable you to reap the many benefits of being organized.

(S-P-A-C-E – Adapted from “Organizing from the Inside Out” by Julie Morgenstern)

© 2022 Beth Giles

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